The primary language I use while programming is Java, though I have varying experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, LESS, Bash, Python, XML, and JSON. I also have some experience limited with OpenGL rendering techniques due to a couple of 3d game engines available for viewing on my Github a friend and I coded during the summer of 2014.

I have extensive knowledge of both the Ant and Maven build systems. Of which, Maven, I use on almost all of my projects.

I also have quite a bit of experience working with unix-like systems. I tend to do all my development on my Macbook Pro because of OS X’s similarity to unix. It’s I also used the old parts from a couple of computers to build myself a dedicated server, which this website (and a couple others) are currently hosted on.

I also had the privledge of being “the summer intern” during the summer of 2014, working in Tier 2 Tech Support for a large company in my hometown of Denver.

You can view most of the projects I work on I tend to upload to my Github account as most of the projects I tend to work on are open-source.